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The romance. The seduction. The sheer number of folks boinkin’.

All signs point to spiked rates of venereal disease from Valentine’s crotch grinding. Today’s blog is a special holiday photo edition – a collection of all the HAPPY VD DAY e-cards I gave my bestest friends.

Ah. The international language of VD love.

I got them all in a Google Image search for “VD.” These are from a long-ish essay on wartime VD propaganda. I’m too sleepy to find the link, but it’s an easy search. The essay is really interesting and has even more pictures. Check it out.

So much Spanish school teaching and 6 A.M. mornings makes for a sleepy Jessie.

I hope everyone had a safe and delightful VD day. Here’s a bonus faux toe phun treat from Goose Nest game night in Portland.