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If you are anything like me, you own shoes.

What?! You do! High five, brother!

But how are you supposed to predict the future and know what shoes you’ll want to wear when traveling? Good question.

You may want to consider the amount of hiking/running after buses/streetwalking you will be doing and pack for comfort. I plan to immediately charm some London suckah into squiring me all about Europe, so a suitcase filled with nothing but stilettos and stripper heels should be fine.

I have also found it useful to place all possible pairs of shoes together on a surface, so you can better visualize what’s going to best match those slinky threads you’ll don to swill wine with movie stars in the south of Spain.

I know what you’re thinking: But Jessie, how am I supposed to fit all these shoes on my surface? It’s ok. I worried about that too, but I tried anyway. Maybe you, like me, will find your shoe collection isn’t quite as intimidating as you originally thought. (You’ll have to click the picture to see all of them. They simply wouldn’t fit on this narrow web page.)


I mean, sure; you still have to decide if you want the ornate dollar store flip-flops or the cat-gnawed classic black pair. And how do you decide between black with grey stripe adidas and black with black stripe adidas? X-tra Tuff fishing boots are chic and waterproof, so how could you leave those behind?

Obviously I’ve got some tough decisions ahead of me, but this is just the hardscrabble jetset life I choose I guess. And to answer your other question: No. It ain’t easy being this classy.