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This is my zen chant.

I as of yet haven’t decided how I’m getting to Seattle within the week….plane, bus, rideshare.

I have to finish a story before I can leave town, and since I’ve already been paid for it, I can’t just flake out.

I have about six pitches to get out before I leave.

I’m waiting to hear back from an editor before I know where I’m going from London. I have bought zero guidebooks and have done no research on getting out of London, assuming a smile and a good buzz have always been my best navigation tools.

I still don’t have one of my W2s, thus no tax filing/no refund money.

I have a baby shower to attend on Thursday in Moscow and a gift to materialize.

I have not even imagined packing.

I need a haircut.

My to-do list of items of dire importance is currently one notebook page long and growing.

Oh yeah…and I’m still pretty broke.

At least I got this blog written. Now I have scheduled half an hour of hand-wringing followed by half an hour of pacing (my nightly excercise!) and one hour of colorful vocabulary enhancement. Cockbag ass-lapping brother suckers, this is going to be fun.