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You may know, I am hanging out in Brooklyn, New York with four girls I studied with in Mexico. Two live here, and two flew in to visit on the same day as me. So what do we do?

We eat delicious Boboli pizza handcrafted by Lindsay (left) and drink classy beverages in her amazing apartment. This place is three bedrooms, two stories, high-ceilinged and hardwood-floored.
boboli and beer

We go to the Brooklyn Tavern (3rd between State and Atlantic). $5 well martinis, $2 Bud Light, $3 Carlsberg, a comfy-ass couch, fireplace, $1 Jello shots, and a deer hunting video game. Odd.

Brooklyn Tavern

In the bathroom of the Brooklyn Tavern, I see a reference to amazing spoken word artist, Saul Williams.

bathroom door at the Brooklyn Tavern

We head to Moe’s (Lafeyette and S. Portland/Oxford?). From 5-7:30 strong blended margaritas are $5. We wipe out their supply of subway-themed NYC condoms for souveniers.

Moe’s in Brooklyn

We literally turn the corner to eat at Pequen~as. The food is wonderful, but the memories begin to get fuzzy. It is very cold outside.

New York is cold

We head to the subway. I am disappointed by the lack of cat-sized rats…or rats at all.

rat-free subway

We get to Bushwick and enter the loft party which is apparently a show with members of Sonic Youth. Hmmm.

sonic youth?

It is loud, smoky and sweaty, but we are together, and we have fine malt liquor.

loft partay in bushwick

Very fine malt liquor.

King Cobra-fine malt liquor

We take a car home. It is much nicer than a cab, and there is no meter. We drive past neighborhoods that housed young Lil’ Kim and Jay-Z. We pass out facedown on furniture after our exhausting day of drinking.

The end.