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Ahh. The career perils of unbridled debauch.

I am alive and have resurfaced in Boise, Idaho. Having been on the road through NYC, Europe and the Northwest U.S. o’ A. since early March. I thought two and a half weeks here would give me a slight pause from the insanity and a chance to catch up on so many things, but no dice. It is more an opportunity to hurriedly pack suitcases for Alaska salmon shipping work and soak in every droplet of summer activity and skin damage possible before shipping off to the stormy north.

Alaska has been my summer home since 2000, and it is always with a mixture of excitement and dread that I plot my return. The spiked income, the rugged landscape and the ambience of the Alaska fishing culture thrill me; the 100+ work hours per week with tired feet and numb limbs while living at the plant(especially a new plant and the first year without my cousin/pa’dnah in crime) , eating messhall food and subsisting on shitty coffee and No-Doz chill me real bad. Lucky you’se guys: with this fancy starboardport bloggin’ site, you’ll get to hear my complaints about sleep dep and tendonitis in semi-real time instead of built up at the end of the season.

For now, however, I push those smelly fish flingin’ thoughts clean out of my head with beer-soaked camping trips to hot springs and pseudo summer blockbusters. I’m off to “28 Semanas Despues” to see some zombie carnage.