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When someone says, “Hey…you wanna see something?” you should be wary. Today at lunch one of my co-workers smiled, put his hand over his mouth and smiled again tonguing the gum hole where his front right tooth was a moment before. After he reinserted his one-tooth dental device, he explained how a crane-suspended crab pot had swung into him, knocking his tooth into his stomach and breaking some of his ribs.

Speaking of crab fishing, one of the boats featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” will be fishing for us this summer. I don’t know which one, and I’ve only watched a couple episodes of the show, but I’ll know soon enough.

Work days have been crazy. A huge mix of nothing to do and too much to do. I started working on inventory and receiving protocol since I will be supreme master of all incoming/outgoing freight. My first Alaska Marine Lines (AML) cargo container came today. My last two summers included a lot of time in those containers, so their specialized green and chemical funkiness are like an old friend…who smells.

Yesterday and today after we finished out at the plant (four miles/ten minutes from Sitka) at 7, Sarah and I worked on accounting file organization until ten-ish, making for a couple fourteen-hour days. These hours make you forget if something happened this morning or three mornings past.

We have also hit the Pioneer (P-Bar) for a delicious Alaskan Amber the last three nights. One or two is nice since they cost $4.50/glass. Mind you, this bar is divier than most y’all have ever stepped into, but I love it. Eight by ten pictures of fishing boats cover the walls, some sinking or on fire. The cheapest drink you can buy is a can of Rainier for $3.50. This is why it’s better we only have A beer after work…though it is quite the test of my willpower. It tastes so good once it hits your lips.

Two workers arrived last night, and the huge push to finish the bunkhouse is in effect since the European students start streaming in Friday.

I’m tired of cheese, lettuce, mustard n’ ranch sandwiches.