The young (she’s 44) Alaska governor has an approval rating in the 80 – 90 percentile.

Wasilla, AK resident (thus Palin neighbor) Adrool wrote a blog briefing the world on a collection of fun AK crime press releases. In it he mentioned Gov. Palin’s annoying child name scheme – Track, Bristol, Willow and Piper, and I thought, “Who is this woman?”

A brief poking around on the internet revealed some fun facts about Gov. Palin.

The boring: Her renegade history of honesty and conservative spending is boosting her above the field of corrupt, deep-pocketed AK politicos.

Less boring: She was born in Sandpoint. (Hey. I’m from N. Idaho too.)

What the?: Gov. Palin has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Idaho. (Hey. Me too! Maybe I should call her up to chat about the ole alma mater.)

And the gossipy: She’s pregs with baby number five. She’s 44. Babies aren’t my specialty topic, but when – at age 38 – my mother birthed me, her doctors considered it a risky age for pregnancy. Maybe Sarah Palin is part futuristic superhuman.

What will she name the new addition to the brood? Yakutat, Iditarod, Chum, Humpy, Dunge, Purse Seine?