Remember that terrible, evil, no-good, very bad company I shipped salmon for this summer? The company whose grounds I swore never to set foot upon again lest my soul be crushed and stolen?

Well as it turns out, quick money can be a subtle and effective bargaining tool. It’s almost as good as an apology for all the shit that went down last summer.

Thus I find myself again in Sitka, AK this time shipping herring to Canada, Japan and China.

The herring fishery is ca-razy. Fish and Game regulates fishing using “openings” or times when fishing is allowed. This herring season sounds like it will have four openings, each lasting less than a couple of hours and in restricted areas. This means vessels will be setting their nets and zooming all around – perhaps bumping into one another. Rumor has it National Geographic representatives are out filming/photographing/writing about Sitka’s sac roe herring fishery.

An amigo (Jason) off the fishing vessel Pillar Bay shot and edited this video which gives a glimpse of the herring mania.

When those boats dump their catch at the processing plant, it will go through a brine and a quick freezing process. The little frozen herring will then plop off a conveyer belt into fiber totes which a forklift driver will load into a container van to be barged to Seattle. I will close and seal those vans and complete each bill of lading. 50,000 pounds an hour.

My shift? 6 PM to 6 AM every day until the end of those four openings are over. My flight back to Portland is scheduled for April 10th I think.

Anyway…shit will be busy, but I hope to pick up a quick cool couple thousand dollars for working no more than two weeks. Until then…I stink real bad.

Pictures and maybe video clips to come.

*No, I have not tried to cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with any of the product.