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Following some suspicious incoming links to STARBOARDPORT, I found a website that is using a large quantity of my posts without permission and is thus “stealing” my intellectual property. I have sent an email asking for action in the form of:

1. Crediting the material to me and STARBOARDPORT

2. Excerpting the current posts and linking readers to the original content

3. Removing the posts

4. Paying me $XX per post via my PayPal account for the one-time use of content on the website.

It’s difficult territory because I support the share of creativity, ideas and inspiration, but I do gots to get paid, son. Someone could steal a painter’s idea – look at their painting and try to recreate it – but the product of the idea thievery would be slow coming and, depending on the thief’s painting skills, potentially unsuccessful. If they stole the original painting, it would be property theft.


From the brilliant minds at marriedtothesea.com

As a writer, it doesn’t matter how many hours I spend crafting up the perfect combinations of words. If I post them to my website, someone can copy, paste and create a spitting image of my work in seconds. They slap their name on it, post it to their smelly website, and the casual internet surfer is none the wiser. Yes, I have legal protection of my intellectual property but poking around threatening legal action (or taking it) takes up time and funds necessary for creating more perfect word combinations.


This post by Lorelle VanFossen (see how easy it is to use #1 and #2 above) is helpful if you find yourself in the same situation.

On the other hand, thank you most sincerely to those of you who do read my original stuff – either on the site or through an RSS feed. You guys don’t suck at all. In fact, I find you all to be quite handsome and intelligent.

That’s enough for now.

Today’s lesson: think (and ask!) before you copy and paste.

*I will be adding the note below to the end of all my posts. I don’t think the half-ape content robber barons really know how to read, so I doubt they’ll think to erase this from the bottom of the robbed material.

[Author’s note: If you didn’t read this at http://starboardport.com, you probably read it on the website of a content thief. Click here to support the author and read the original.]