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The weather here has been stunning – clear and cold bright blue skies behind jagged peaks capped with severly white snow. This means every time I drive anywhere in the daylight (8:30 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.), I’m transfixed by the Alaskan majestitude and am compelled to shoot a bunch of non-aimed pictures through the windshield with my new birthday Canon (also delightful).

IMG 0041

Accross the bridge toward hangover breakfast at The Nugget; Japonski Island, Mt. Edgecumbe in the background.

IMG 0047IMG 0045

Full of eggs and hashbrowns; Return to Baranof Island. View of Sitka with annoyed motorists in my mirror.

The cell phone pictures don’t come out quite as well:


Tsunami Evacuation Route: Go toward those big mountains.

IMG 0629

Bear Mountain in the background; My garage at the bottom left.

And, as always, the views from the dock at work never ever get old. I probably have 50 pictures of this same bay.

IMG 0020

IMG 0024

IMG 0025

IMG 0028

But all is not quite as it seems in sunny Sitka by the sea. No, even in the isolated hinterlands, domestic terrorists plague the streets.



They are massive birds. Sometimes when I’m out walking and I see one, I have to stop and watch it because I’m just like, “Wow. That bird is so huge.”

Take, for instance, this past Sunday. I pulled into the parking lot of the grocery mart and was yet again struck with the Ravian magnitude. Canon at the ready, I tried for a shot to capture its scale.

IMG 0048

Not so great. But before the car owner came and told the Raven, ” You need to get on out of here,” I optical zoomed and caught some more furry-headed detail.

IMG 0049

Pictures recorded, I purchased my goods and put them in the back of the truck, only then remembering my dire need for eyeliner. (A girl’s gotta look fine no matter if she does work in the fish biz).

Five minutes later, I return to a battle zone in the parking lot. L is reaching through the back slider window of the pickup cab, waving away the same incredibly bold Raven. Upon unpacking the loot, I see the bread bag has been compromised, and probably breathed full of toxic bird germs. Sick! But I am hungry for eggs and bread.

In conclusion, enjoy the pleasins of the season: take pictures while driving and don’t eat bird bread unless you’re really hungry.

And, if you’re in the Idaho metro region December 24 – Jan. 6, we have something in common.