Like prune juice through the digestive tract, the holidays passed too quickly.

I made a Christmas shrub.

I made some semi-craftique photo gifts.

IMG 0056

I made elaborate Christmas cookies with my friends.

IMG 0075

I froze my beans off watching some sort of twinkle-lighted trucks on parade.

IMG 0084

D, T, N, V n me

I made a mess and got presents!

IMG 0094

IMG 0090

I got drunk at Seatac. Special deals on top shelf tequila with an upgraded beer size. Oh yes.

IMG 0103

I did not lose my luggage in Spokane.

IMG 0115

I stole my first smooch of 2009.

IMG 0135

I pugsat Lola and Langston.

IMG 0148

And I remembered the hardest part of living in Alaska is that my cousin/best friend doesn’t. đŸ˜¦

IMG 0153

To everyone else who made my trip to the lower 48 so frenetic but fantastic – thank you. I miss living near enough to road trip visit. Thus I propose a resolution for all you: visit majestic Alaska in the year 2009 (specifically SE AK, Baranof Island, Burough of Sitka).

Cheers and happy damn 2009!