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I was on “Wonder Showzen” – more specifically a segment called Meat/Not Meat. Determining the nutriment status involved rubbing raw red meat along my jawbone in front of an audience.

This segued into a show I was watching at home but did not participate in: “The Green Frog Chronicles.” Unfortunately the show had nothing to do with Hopkin Green Frog. It was, instead, a very porny/artistic film about an orgy.

The first half hour of the film was hot steamy orgy-havin’ with sweaty skin and limbs akimbo everywhere. After the character introductions were complete, the angle switched to isolate one couple (or triple) at a time only. You could tell it had been filmed simultaneously, but these new camera angles completely blocked the rest of the roomful of orgiers. One was left with the impression that this would not only complexify the film’s style lending it more to the art film world, but it also would allow the creators to diversify their marketing into two films – one for fans of copulating individuals or threesomes and one for orgy fans. (I guess that could actually be three films – very smart.) Spliced into the action were “making of” vignettes, giving the viewer a glimpse of life on the set and short biographies of each actor.

So get to psychoanalyzing. What does my sleeping subconscious say about me? Why would an artsy porn be named “The Green Frog Chronicles?” That’s just nonsensical.

In other news, it was a very historic day for the United States of America.

Lastly, hmmm…I wonder what new search terms will bring readers to my blog.