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In honor of Adventurer Day, I made my virgin voyage to two different places in Sitka town yesterday. One might think I had conquistered every location available with two off-n-on years in a town of 8,000 inhabitants, but there are still a fistful of places on my list to explore.

First off, I have to retire a whole category of bitching because I found Thai food. It’s not 5-star, and it’s not cheap, but it exists. I had never heard a good word about The Twin Dragon. It’s a Korean-owned Asian fusion explosion (Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese…) hotel restaurant with aggressive Chinese decor. It boasts a million-dollar waterfront location but a poor reputation for service and consistency of food quality.

Yesterday’s lunch specials included Pad Thai, Bi Bim Bap and maybe a bento. Despite the multiple culturality disorder, oh – and the price (Pad Thai lunch special = $12; I miss Portland), the dish fulfilled my craving. I can’t complain. It was damn decent.

Our next stop was the patio of the Fly-In Fish Inn (I don’t understand the hyphen). A rare day of bright temperate sunshine is not to be ignored on the doorstep of Alaskan winter. We ingested some fine reasonably-priced cocktails, soaked it up with their complimentary cheesybeanymeat dip, watched some snorty old sea lions and generally had a fine time until sunset.

IMG 2064

IMG 2069

Fuck yeah! It kind of reminds me of The Reel Inn riverfront patio in Donegal town.

When I thought they day couldn’t get much sweeter, I got confirmation on the rental home (I think I’ll call it the beachfront bordello). The place is available in a couple days, and it’s only about 1/2 mile from the cozy cabin in which I currently reside. Here are a couple creeper shots I took of the view as I rode my bike past the new rental on my way home last night.

IMG 2071

Neighbor docks

IMG 2073


Barring anything heartbreaking and unforeseen, I should live there by the end of the month. yayayayayayayayayyayayayayay.

My what a successful day. Here’s hoping you too discovered or adventured in some way yesterday, preferably without enslaving or killing anyone you encountered.