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Day Four

The Sky Ranch Lodge is not the cheapest place in Sedona, Arizona, nor is it the most modern. But waking up to a fantastic view from bed of the famous Sedona red rocks, I didn’t really care about either.

IMG 2680

After sunrise, it was time to descend the mountain in search of sustenance.

My asparagus, cheese and tomato omelet (one of 101 omelet choices) at the Coffee Pot Restaurant wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. I should have gone for the guacamole and green chile option (or the PBJ or the huevos rancheros for that matter). The biscuit, potatoes and coffee were all stellar, food came in less than ten minutes, and the coffee cups were so sweet we bought a whole set at the gift shop.

The restaurant is named after this rock:

IMG 2683

Get it?

If you can look past the quartz-crystal-chakra-healing, Sedona is worth exploring – even the churches.

IMG 2689

From the Chapel of the Holy Cross, looking over a very opulent home

Leaving Sedona toward Flagstaff, I traveled through the Oak Creek Canyon. It is steep and switchbacky. Don’t attempt it in shitty weather in a 2WD rental car.

IMG 2694


((The ride into Sedona is also really windy. Dropping down Mingus Mountain (the thinking man’s geological formation) into Jerome, I wished I had time to stop and explore. From talk in Sedona, it sounded like Jerome was a copper mining town which was abandoned then squatted in and renovated by some hippies, and is now a booming little tourist town.))

North from Flagstaff, I checked out this little rip in the ground people keep talking about.

IMG 2695

Zaaaang! This canyon is grand.

The place is impossible to picture with my camera. It is so colorful and layered and gut-clenchingly deep. I really enjoyed my visit. Going during the off-season when I wasn’t boiling my balls off and waiting my turn at every outlook also probably helped with my rosy outlook.

IMG 2700

Featuring Mr. Holden and his camera

IMG 2718


After a big day of touristing, the Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff fed me right and and quenched my microbrew thirst.

IMG 2726

Hummus platter & brew sampler = Praise be

I did leave uncomfortably full with an extremely frigid walk back to the hotel, but it was well worth it.

When I woke up, tiny dry snowflakes were swirling through the air, threatening my 2WD sporty rental Cobalt. It was time to get the hell out of Arizona.