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IMG 2748

Giant Santa Fe horse head

IMG 2734

Happy Holiday cow skull at El Paseo (almost as beautiful as the $1 tacos)

With snow flying through the air of Flagstaff, I busted a freeway move all the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico. What can I say about the drive between the two? Almost nothing.

Traveling here in the winter is strange as one can’t really tell if things are closed for the season (and decaying) … or are closed permanently and decaying. Maybe the paint just fades fast in the summer sun, and everything looks shiny and new before the new tourist season, but daaaamn – the Southwest looks like a spooky movie set (“No Country for Old Men?”).

Some cool chunks of petrified logs by the side of the freeway almost tempted me to take a trip to the petrified forest, but escaping the snow (and cattle bolt combover killers) took precedence. Finally at the New Mexico border, the flat turned into some nice rocky outcroppings.

I beelined to Harry’s Roadhouse where my amor Natalia was waiting for me. My gourmet grilled cheese was so good I didn’t care about the crusty sourdough bread turning my mouth roof into hamburger. With fantastic food, the best margarita ever and a classy little fireplace burning away in the corner, I kind of wanted to live at Harry’s.

IMG 2744

I also had a bomb-ass breakfast burrito at the Plaza Cafe / Restaurant. The green chile made my snot drip, but it was worth the pain. The aluminum and tile was probably the most impeccable specimen of a diner I have ever seen. This place has been around for over 100 years, so I guess they know what they’re doing.

Santa Fe was a vacation from touristing. I was there primarily to see my cherished friend, but a huge dump of snow made sure I didn’t go anywhere too quick.

IMG 2730

Little hyperactive bastard cat

But before it dropped to the single digits, it was time to brush the snow off the car and leave beautiful Santa Fe.

IMG 2743

Enjoying the sunny Southwest