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This little post is twofold. One purpose is a test of new writer helper software I downloaded. (I accidentally posted a one-sentence draft of this, so, um, maybe I need more practice).
The second reason is to share a little springy flower twig I found outside today.
I put it in a half pint bourbon bottle I found last year at the cabin when I was semi-burying a dumb little bird.
Many birds smacked into the numerous big windows there, but that was the only dead one I found. The others would unstun after a few minutes. I’m not into touching birds, nor do I like watching them rot on my stoop. I wrapped him in a paper grocery sack and tucked him in a dirt and stick pile.
The bottle caught my attention. The cap had almost rusted away but said “Cream of Kentucky.” Raised wording on the glass said “Half Pint” and “Federal Law Forbids Sale Or Re-Use Of This Bottle.”
Not as cool as the opium bottles archaeologist friend Anne told me about at brunch today. Apparently they date to Russian days and frequently turn up at construction sites here.
Perhaps I’ll start a vice bottle collection (not to be confused with my recycling bin).