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I don’t care much for gym exercise. If exercise and I (me, we?) are to get along, it needs to make itself entertaining and engaging like kayaking or sex.

That said, regular exercise does help one fit into a kayak and more easily find a sexual partner. Touche.

A friend set herself a minimal goal of moving around outside in an exercise-like fashion for 30 minutes per day for 30 days. Thirty minutes being pretty easy to fit in and not being correlated with any pounds or pants measurements dropped.

I liked her idea and felt energized to get active outside on a semi-official schedule. It’s interesting what happens when you set a small goal like that. I found in the last few days that once I’m already out walking/jogging/kayaking/nature sexing, I’m much more inclined to continue for a bit longer than one half hour. If I had initially told myself I was going to run about for an hour, however, I might never have made it outside.

This was the case this weekend when I tucked my phone into my hoodie pouch and ventured out. With a couple fresh NPR podcasts to listen to, I semi-consciously turned up the hiking trail right by my house. As a true lazy exerciser, I wanted as much benefit out of as little time as possible. I figured what better than walking up the side of Mt. Verstovia?

Wrapped up in my stories, the half hour went by quickly. I knew I wasn’t too far from the viewpoint, so I pressed on and ended up making a much longer, more intense hike than I planned. Despite my jelly legs on the way down, it felt good.

The moral: Set your goals low, kids, and you just might surprise yourself.


I like this because it makes this trail look super extreme.


Sitka from the viewpoint. Success!