One of the nicest things about buying an enormous computer with one terabyte of space is that, if you’re me, you can add every photo, music, art and writing file you own, and you will not even begin to fill up the big beast’s memory.

You can then sit back and watch its preloaded photo program (iphoto) organize your files by date. It is awfully sweet. You can then entertain* and frighten** yourself with exercises like, you know, looking up this week in history***.

For example:

This week in 2004, I was saying goodbye to my friends, school and host family in Guadalajara, Mexico and striking out on a bus & backpack trip of Mexico and Guatemala.

Goodbye, armed guards protecting the school entrance.

Hello, awful packing skills. I’m glad I have improved upon something in recent years.

(I have photos thanks to tech-savvy friends Estaci & Eveena.)

This week in 2005, I was still spurning technology and shooting pictures on film…until Christmas.

This week in 2006, I was in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho drinking beers and kicking ass at Stevie Wonder karaoke duets with two of my dear, lifelong chums.

Hello, Lauren and Garrett!

This week in 2007, I visited Omze n’ Thrillz and roamed the bars of Moscow, Idaho.

Omie & I pretend to be cool

I display my sportsmanship

Thrillahamm probably cheating

This week in 2008, I was Christmas tree scheming in the Sitka cabin. I was also tan and sassy after my first trip to the Hawaiian Islands (Kauai).

I miss you, Vitamin D.

This week in 2009, I explored a Grand ole Canyon in the American Southwest!


Mr. Holden makes photos.

I make airplane noises.

This week this year, I am in Sitka, and I took some pictures of my new Christmas shrub. In the continuing tradition of my Fantastic Zip Tie Christmas Bush, it is unconventional but festive.

But more on that tomorrow. For now I have very important photo-based cultural anthropology research to complete.


*If you like to reminisce.

**If you are gun-shy about mortality.

***History = the few years I have owned a digital camera.