Looking out this window always reminds me of beer

Despite living in Tacoma, WA for two months (exactly today!), my fish shipping summer schedule of 100-hour work weeks meant all of my T-town observations came from the windows of my home office. I could have been on house arrest with an ankle tracker without noticing any real change to my schedule.

If you don’t think this sounds like the adventurer you know, it’s because this time of year is the wang to my chung. Ebb and flow, boom and bust, hustle then flow.

But last weekend, a hurricane of hobo couch drifters swept into town, promptly ending my recluse season with unforeseen fervor. Thus I present to you – the 75 hours (Thursday afternoon – Sunday night) that made this gritty little city feel like home.

Portrait of some couch drifters

***Thursday (Hour 1 – 11)***

Presented in chronological order

*Tacomans* – Unlike other places I have frequented, not everyone is a transplant. And thus far, people seem to be non-snotty, helpful and hard-working – all things I admire very much.

Galanga Thai (1129 Broadway) – So far, so delicious on everything I have ordered (which, to be fair, is only green curry and drunken noodles), and I am kind of infatuated with their appetizer fresh/spring/salad rolls (super fresh mint/basil/cilantro and a peanutty dipping sauce? Yes. F yes.).

1022 South (1022 South J St.) – Much ballyhooed and rightly so. It looks like a dark chemistry lab library, and the food and cocktail flavors are unequaled. I had feelings for my cheese sandwich that are probably illegal. On Thursday lady night & daily happy hours, select cocktails are $5 which is a bargain for the quality. On this crowded night, we shared a table with some Tacomans who befriended us and entertained us the rest of the night.

Fancy booze

Parkway Tavern (313 North I St.) – Beautiful old wooden furnishings, a fine beer selection and ceiling beams decorated with tap handles all in what looks, at first, to be a neon-bejeweled home on a residential street. If I were not so rich in sweatshirts, I would buy their tree zip-front hoodie.

 Hank’s Tavern perhaps also called Corner Bar (?) (524 North K St.) – for some reason (booze), we started calling it Shank’s Stabbern, but it was neither shanky nor stabby…at all. With a friendly barkeep, 50-cent pool and cold beer – we had no choice but to drink our appreciation then stumble home merrily at last call.

~In the next installation – more food, more bars (Come on. What did you expect?), a super market, raccoons and more!~