***Friday (Hour 12  – 35)***

Presented in chronological order

Friday morning came and went as we slept like little baby beach angels. By the time we folded up the soiled linens, scraped off the crust and layered on more eyeliner, it was time for brunch with a very patient man near his workplace in Fife, WA.

Photo: Peter Andrijeski, Project K-Bar

Poodle Dog [Good Food] Restaurant (1522 54th Avenue East) – The giant neon sign is my favorite thing about this place which is the type where the waitress calls you “sweetheart” and refills your coffee before it ever runs out. It’s a bit greasy and definitely a diner, but that means they know what they’re doing when it comes to hangover food. My breakfast burrito could have fed three of us plus, as I started to chip away at it, I found it was eclipsing a bed of crispy hashbrowns.

Ruston Way to Point Defiance Park (drive along the water until you get to the end of the houses) – Breakfast in place, we went for a Friday family drive. It’s so odd to drive through such a residential part of town then, a few seconds later, be surrounded by the original Tacoma landscape of old-ass forests. We did the driving circuit around the park, stopping at the pullout viewpoints to gaze at the ocean majesty. Every ½ mile or so, these little dudes were standing watch, clasping their weird little hands.

Y’all got some leftover crispy hashbrowns?

Yard Sale (drive out of the park and back into the houses) – I almost forgot what yard sales are like in the lower 48. Without having to battle every single early morning grandma in town (Sitka), I got two things I actually needed…in good condition…at a fair price! Whoa. This could be dangerous.

Art fruit

Tacoma Boys (5602 6th Avenue) – I knew I would like this place, but I couldn’t predict how much. It’s like if Trader Joe’s was everything I wanted it to be – more relevant, simple foods from closer farms at better prices (which I like to hope is a reflection of less transport costs…and I would really like to hope that a better cut of that price goes to the food producers). There was so much amazingness there that the three of us branched off, coming back together periodically to share found treasures and to weep softly in joy.

I think we creeped out the cashier.

We spent the rest of the evening consuming a stunning feast of wine, cheese, bread, vegetables and fruit created from our Tacoma Boys spoils. After much eating, drinking and subsequent rolling around on the ground praying for the sweet release of swift digestion, we decided high-energy party rocking might be the best cure.


The Swiss (1904 Jefferson Avenue) – Who knows what stars aligned to make our night at the Swiss so fantastic. Though I really like the bar itself – it’s all old and wooden and the barkeeps are friendly – this night was a little different. There was much drinking and dancing and maniacal laughter and somehow by busting out moves like awful LMFAO impersonations, the (invented) “Party Rock Carlton” and squat-kick Russian dancing, we became the belles of a very strange ball.

It was incredibly fun…and unexpected…and oh gawd, I hope no one has video evidence. It could not have been pretty.

Sometime in the early morning we shuffled home – sweaty, giggling and exhausted and crawled back into our nests to rest up for the official weekend.


Question for Tacomans – where else can I embarrass myself dancing?