{Pardon the abrupt halt in storytelling. I have been frantically attempting to fit many adventures into the too-brief period between fisheries. Now then – no more excuses;  back to my debaucherous introduction to Tacoma town.}

***Saturday (Hour 36 – 58)***

Slowly spooling back up to speed after a big night on the town, we made it out of the house by lunchtime and boldly chose to eat raw fish.

Two Koi (1552 Commerce St.) gave us nice people and beautiful rolls at fair prices (The nice people weren’t at fair prices. They were employees and presumably not for sale. Had they been, I’m sure the price would have been agreeable.). Days later we would return for their $20 all-you-can-eat lunch feast special, but that’s a different adventure. My $12 Rainbow Roll (not pictured) was superb, but they didn’t seem to have the orange ika (squid) salad I miss so much from Little Tokyo in Sitka.

The fish seemed not to fight too violently with Friday’s residual booze, so we topped it all off with cake and frosting at Hello Cupcake (1740 Pacific Avenue).

I’m no dessert fiend, so I can’t comment on comparative quality, but I like cake. Cake is good. And they have assorted teensy wee ones. Back in my Barbie-hoarding days, however, I would have given my left, lacy, fold-over sock to celebrate a birthday in their a-god-damn-dorable back room.

Continuing down Pacific Avenue, we browsed the cherry-picked thrift treasures at Urban Xchange (1932 Pacific Avenue) and the brand-spanking screen printed goods at Bleach (1934 Pacific Avenue). Bleach’s Tacoma anchor hoodie went straightaway on to my birthday wish list.

Oops. Birthday passed, hoodie received. Why do I look so guilty?

We ended our Pac. Ave. tour at the Harmon Brewing Co. (1938 Pacific Avenue) where you can get a $6 brew ski (heh) sampler of their micro beers, killer nachos ($5 at happy hour) and clams (in case our stomachs weren’t puzzled enough).

Brew. Ski.

The world’s most adorable clam

And to compensate for the day of worthy indulgences, we walked hard. First, we crossed the Bridge of Glass, filled with strange, fantastical glass thingies (and yes, that’s the best word I can think of).

Strolling along the romantic waterfront, we peeped into the glamorous condos and lofts. We jagged up to Broadway where storefront windows of empty and in-construction buildings are being used as low-cost display space for local art (coordinated by Spaceworks Tacoma).

Audra Laymon print

Our exertions ended at the Tempest Lounge (913 MLK Jr. Way) where we refueled with beer but mostly sat slack-jawed, watching “Cujo” for the first time ever on the teevee over the bar. The sound was off, but it didn’t matter. Holy crap. The movie ended, loud but friendly strangers shared cookies with us, the DJ began to play moody electronic music, and we continued our journey.

Again we stopped at 1022 South (1022 South J St.) and, feeling adventurous, ordered the Apothecary’s Cup (bartender’s choice). With such a vast selection, it’s a brilliant idea, but going forward, I think I will request mine by flavors – not by liquors. We had a remarkable drink, served in a martini glass, that tasted like creamy, liquor-y Earl Grey tea. A request for a gin base came back as a gin/coffee flavor mix that didn’t work no matter how many chances we gave it. But that is precisely the fun of it. Tens of established drinks are printed on the menu for the less daring.

As the small room filled up and became intolerably loud, we slooooowwwlllyyyyy closed our tabs (Seriously. Bring cash or patience here.), doffed our caps and made a surprise move toward home.

Sometimes even original gangsters need to rest.