***Sunday (Hour 59 – 75ish)***

Sunday morning we woke plucky, hungry and, upon dumping all the receipts and moths from our change pouches, …poorer.

A brisk long walk to Dirty Oscar’s Annex (2309 6th Avenue), and they filled our bellies for $5 each. Two eggs (yum), potatoes (great but salty), a biscuit (dry and meh, but I hope we just caught them on an off day. I love me some damn biscuits.) and really damn good homemade jam. They have an extensive menu (I’m trying the Cap’n Crunch-crusted French toast next) and make their own moonshine (badass), so I shall return once my change pouch is fat again.

On the walk home, we stopped by Bluebeard Coffee (2201 6th Avenue), whose logo should be enough to sell anyone. Their coffee is tasty and simply-prepared, and their giant tables are asking to be covered with spread out books and notebooks.

I think I have a crush on my coffee cup.

A leisurely walk home, a shower, a rest, and your indefatigable explorers were ready for more. A path through Wright Park (S. 4th St. & S. G St.) led to the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory. For a $5 suggested donation, we browsed the Halloweeny “Wicked Plants” exhibit of dangerous and deadly growing things, mixed in with their standard crop of exotics, peeling off layers of clothing as the delightfully sticky 80F temperature caught up with us.

I don’t remember if this was a “wicked” plant. Just in case, don’t eat it, OK?

After our tropical adventure, we made for Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt Shoppe (8 N. Tacoma Avenue) to acclimate. I know I’m late to the game, having been in the frozen Alaska pioneer lands until recently, but I love this business style. You choose how much and what flavors, add on whichever of the 30+ toppings you please (why not almonds, rainbow sprinkles and bacon?) and pay for the whole shebang by the ounce. Genius.


Ice cream lunch finished, we poked around the outskirts of Stadium High School ((111 N. E St.) you may recognize it from “Ten Things I Hate About You.”) and settled on a pint at the Harmon Tap Room (St. Helens Avenue & S. 2nd St.). Little did we know that every damn thing at the Tap Room is 50% off clearance bargain price on Sundays. Dear lord, it is dangerous. After a few rounds of ½ price pints, dinner time had sprung up, and we couldn’t deny the siren song of pesto and potato pizza. On subsequent visits, we have tested their menu to be pretty solid throughout.

Don’t pretend you’re not impressed by these prices, T-Pain.

In conclusion, we walked, drank, ate, spent, danced and enjoyed ourselves…quite a lot in 75 hours. But you might not come to Tacoma and see what I saw at first glance. There are hobos, box stores, prostitutes, grit and train noise. There are also artists and chefs,  beautiful historic buildings, loving renovations and lots of new construction. It is a dynamic little city where people don’t seem to take themselves too seriously but are proud to be Tacomans. I think I’ll stick around a while.


Ye knowledgeable Tacomans/Tacomaphiles, all suggestions for continued exploration warmly welcomed…