I really appreciate deep forest in the middle of a city.
One block you’re dodging SUVs and strollers and (other) people blindly texting, and then you take a quick right turn off the sidewalk, walk four feet in, and you’ve entered an alternate reality where things are cool and quiet and ferny as all hell.

{Puget Park, Tacoma}

I did this today, and it instantly soothed my salmon-jangled nerves. Then I ran to the bottom of the gully where you can barely hear the noise of the cars, took a few deep breaths and sweated my way back to the top.

Now that my video game health meter is in the green zone again, I will return to my desk and continue my attack on the relentless logistical monsters. Thanks be to god we’re in the home stretch of the season.

(P.S. Oh hi, friends! I’m still alive.)