There is a palpable excited tension everywhere I go the last couple days. It’s like the entire Northwest decided they can be the best of friends for a little while. (Having one team to share across many miles does help.)

But man – I am genuinely excited for this Super Bowl. I’m kind of regretting not making a blue & green paper chain countdown.

This picture was taken at a 2011 Monday Night Football game where the Seahawks beat the Rams. It was the week after the Eagles game where Marshawn Lynch was shown eating Skittles on the sidelines, and the world found out his mom had been giving him these incentive candy “power pellets” since he was a kid. So at this Rams game in the fourth quarter, Lynch made a touchdown then shot the ball through the uprights like a basketball as Skittles rained down on him from the stands. Something about this powerful mega-athlete being showered in teeny rainbow candies made me extra happy.

He doesn’t have Wilson’s charm or Sherman’s flashiness, but he’s my favorite. He’s not good with the cameras, and I kind of cringe to think what his Skittles promo stuff will look like if they try to make him act.

But he IS a fantastic football player, and it’s incredible to watch him play every week. I can not wait to see him in Beast Mode this Sunday.

In conclusion, I believe it goes without saying at this point, but GO SEAHAWKS!! 💙💚