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Capital City Weekly
~The Baranof Island Brewing Company opened its doors to welcoming arms and thirsty mouths.

Monthly Grinds showcase local performers
~Multiple Southeast Alaska communities keep their creative bones warm in the winter with rotating-theme variety shows.

Don Sineti, shantyman, sings songs of the sea
~A feature about a modern day sea shantyman whose primary job is to sing sea songs on a big wooden ship (!).

Sitka café serves unique, local treats
~Two friends open a cafe with a focus on homemade local food, live music and comfortable atmosphere.

Sitkans don a kaleidoscope of costumes for Alaska Day
~Wherein I glean meaning from a seeming mash-up of ruffles, ribbons, feathers, kilts, shawls, petticoats, khaki and camouflage.

Boise Weekly
Finding Gernika
~What do Gernika in the Basque Country and Boise, Idaho have in common? A lot more than you’d think.

Sweatin’ with the hippies
~What’s better than a venue with dancing rainbow teddy bears? Almost everything – but I still like the Sweatshop Band.

Blot magazine
What Budget?
~A feature-length film with bloody heads and car wrecks? A $4,000 budget? Impossible? Read on, brother John.

Fuentes calls for action among Latino students
~In Idaho, “Store owners would have signs that said ‘No Mexicans or dogs allowed,’” Fuentes said. “The way you can honor Cesar Chavez is to get back into your community.”

Leaving the house isn’t necessary for a fun and exciting Spring Break
~Wherein I shave off all my hair!

V-Day will return next year
~Read about a delicious “giant vagina cheesecake.”

Wellness Takes a Hike (circa High School)
~Wellness the dinosaur learns about basic first aid when faced with bee stings and sprained ankles on a day trip.
Written by Jessie M. Waddell. Illustrated by Nara Croft
Sadly out of print.


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